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Oculopastic surgery

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You'll be surprised to see yourself after the surgery, Its a type of surgery done around the eyes. .

Oculopastic surgery involves the cosmetic, corrective and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids. Specializing in the eyes function and health as well as their appearance, an oculopastic surgeon has completed training in both ophthalmology and plastic surgery in the area around the eyes. One of the most common oculoplastic procedures performed, blepharoplasty/ptosis repair corrects droopy eyelids  which can impair vision -- by removing excess skin, muscle and fat, and tightening the muscle which raises the eyelid. It can also make your eyes appear more youthful and less tired. The incisions used for this surgery are almost invisible since they are hidden in the normal eyelid crease.


  • DCR surgery
  • Ptosis surgery
  • Entropion
  • Droopy eyelids surgery
  • All kind of Squint Surgery