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About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

Drishti Center for Advanced Eye Care is a multi specialty eye hospital which rated as one of the leading eye hospitals in Uttarakhand. Drishti Center for Advanced Eye Care is being run under the guidance of Dr. M.S.Pangtey. 

Our  passion is to provide most advanced, precise, comprehensive, affordable and ethical eye care services to the people. Drishti Center for Advanced Eye Care has been recognized as one of the regions finest and progressive center for eye care. The hospital takes pride in having state of the art facilities and high technology world class equipment, fully trained, efficient, sincere and qualified medical and paramedical staff for providing round the clock services to the patients.

In the span of a couple  years, DRISHTI has reached new horizons in the field of eye care and all of its credit goes to Dr. Pangtey. He being such a qualified professional left Delhi where he can grow manifold and started a setup inHaldwani, Uttarakhand with the aim to "establish the most preferred brand of specialized eye care center in Uttarakhand and to develop awareness among the people" Haldwani, at the gateway of Kumaon. DRISHTI has organized several awareness & treatment camps for the benefit of people.

DRISHTI provides latest techniques for Cataract, Retina, Squint, Glaucoma & Eye plastic surgery. Drishti has even arranged the live telecast of the Cataract surgery (MICS) under topical anaesthesia for the better understanding and experience for the people. This helped the masses to avoid the phobia associated with the eye surgeries. Drishti provides the facilty of Eye Plastic Surgery & Squint Surgery with the help of experts from AIIMS.

All in all DRISHTI is committed to deliver best quality care with cutting edge technology and personalized care, to enhance patient satisfaction and provide continual improvement in our services.