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Frequently Asked Questions


Which TPA Facility are in available in Drishti Eye Care, Haldwani
Open Imagination
Open Imagination
Open Imagination
Open Imagination
Open Imagination

Operation Facility

Which Operation are done in Drishti Eye Care

Cataract, Lasik Laser

Laser eye surgery FAQs

Does Laser Eye surgery Hurts

Most people feel zero pain, and some techniques like LASIK & SMILE are especially painless. Local anaesthetic drops are applied before the procedure to ensure a painless experience.

How long does Laser eye surgery takes

Laser eye surgery takes 15 minutes to perform, but the actual laser takes a very small part of this time. However, we would advise that you allocate 2-3 hours during the day for a correct preparation and initial after care steps to take place.

How quickly will I see the result of Laser eye surgery

Most patients will see the results of laser eye surgery 1-2 days after their surgery. Since everyone is different, some patients enjoy a rapid visual recovery after laser eye surgery and can notice improvements in their vision immediately.

Should I keep reading glasses with Laser eye surgery

Yes. Our specialist Monovision technique can help correct reading vision difficulties caused by presbyopia. However, LASIK, LASEK or SMILE surgeries may not always be suitable for people who need strong prescriptions to read. In this case an alternative treatment may be suggested.

Is Laser Eye Surgery right for me

Each laser eye surgery treatment is suited to different individuals with different eye health needs. LASIK is best suited to patients with hyperopia or myopia, whereas LASEK is suitable for individuals with thin or flat corneas.

ReLEX SMILE is suitable for individuals with or without astigmatisms. At Optegra, we understand that everyone is different. During your free consultation with one of our expert laser eye surgeons, you will undergo an in-depth assessment to determine which laser eye treatment is best suited to you.

Is Laser Eye Surgery safe

Complications are extremely rare in laser eye surgery, but if complications do occur, they are minor. The risks involved in undergoing this surgery can be minimised during your consultation. This ensures you receive the right treatment for you and your eye health needs.

Eye Camp

Where are the camps organised

In month of June in Munsiari